Acid Stain


Slip Resistant Additives




Overlay (Hard Trail, Splatter, Skip Trial)

Scoring (Tile, Borders, etc.) 

Unlimited Colors 

Unlimited Textures 

Unlimited Patterns (Tile, Ashler Slate, Coping, Brick)


Texarkana, Arkansas & Texas

  • All Interior Floors - New construction & Remodels
  • Pool Deck s
  • Garages 
  • Patios & Porches 
  • Driveways 
  • Sidewalks 

Applications Offered 

  • Offices (Dental, Vet, Hair Salons, Schools, etc.)
  • Retail Stores 
  • Restaurants (Industrial Kitchens)
  • Storage Units 
  • Dealerships 
  • Warehouse 
  • Golf Course Paths 
  • Sports Arena's 

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Concrete Staining

Interior & Exterior  

New Construction & Remodels 

New or Existing Concrete 

Continued Maintenance

Offering our customers a bi-annual maintenance plan to keep the customers decorative concrete project looking like new. 

Whether your floor needs a new coat of sealer to bring it back to life or simply a new coat of wax before the holiday guest arrive.

Deco-Crete Designs will offer a service that is designed as preventative maintenance to your personalize project

Offer Extended to Four States Area: Texarkana, Arkansas & Texas residents. 

Decorative Concrete Surfaces  

Decorative Concrete

Deco-Crete Designs offers a wide variety of applications to any new or existing concrete surface. Serving the Texarkana, Arkansas & Texas area homeowners and business owners alike.

Deco-Crete Designs, its owners and employees are members of the Texarkana local community. The homes and business's we work in are part of our home town. We take pride in providing a good quality service at a good quality price. Our customers are our neighbors, school teachers, local business owners we buy from, people we see at local restaurants and sit beside at Church on Sunday so we take servicing our customers as a very personal mission.  


Decorative concrete ​is one of the most cost effective flooring choices in today's economy. Providing a floor that can thoroughly be cleaned and disinfected. Unlike carpet it won't let dirt sift through the pad nor store allergens and pollen. It's durability provides a wonderful visual asthetic to your current surfaces. Easy to clean, cost effective & adding curb appeal to your retail shop or increasing resale value to any home.


  • Virtually unlimited designs, patterns, textures and color options 
  • Can create the authentic look and feel of any stone, brick, tile, wood and even just plain new concrete. 
  • Available in any color combination to match surrounding design. 
  • Cost effective compared to: full depth stamped concrete, new concrete, pavers, brick. real stone or integrally colored concrete. 
  • Extreme durability for high traffic areas. 
  • Very low maintenance. 
  • Highly resistant to deicing salrs, freeze/thaws clmiates, extreme heat, wet conditions and UV rays. 
  • Quick installation time. 
  • Can be installed pre or post construction. 
  • For new or existing concrete surfaces.